How We Met: Cheri's Story

December 17, 2016. I traveled to Atlanta from West Monroe, LA. It was a rare 3day weekend on the TV show I was working on at the time. Work was stressful and I needed to get away. My good friend Damiso was in Atlanta said that his musician friends from Detroit had a show and invited me to go with. I love a good road trip so I hopped in the production mini van and drove the 7hrs to Atlanta. It was my second home after all.

I get to Atlanta, made all my normal Atl stops, and the final one was Fox Bros BBQ. Damiso and I were supposed to go to the 8pm show where his friends were, but instead we went to the BBQ spot first and decided on the 10pm show. That decision changed my life forever.

We get to the show and Damiso and another friend were vibing out to Zo! and Carmen Rodgers. It was my first time hearing them but I enjoyed every minute of it. After the show was over, I waited for Damiso as he talked to the band while they packed up. I’m not sure if I was texting my friends on group chat or in an intense round of Subway Surf but I looked up and saw the most charming eyes I had ever seen STARING ME DOWN! I smirked just enough to say “ok charming eyes, I see you!” and I quickly looked away.

I knew I could not leave there without at least speaking to Mr. Charming Eyes. “think Cheri, think!” Ohhh that’s right, I work in TV, he’s a musician, I can give him a business card and pretend I care about the business. Searched purse, no business card. Searched every pocket I had, no business card. That’s when the panic set in. I text my girls asking what to do. After 20seconds no one responded and this just turned into a catastrophe. “Be cool Cheri, you got this!”

After about 60 seconds of panic, I look up and see Damiso talking to Charming Eyes, bet! Thanks Miso! I felt myself walking towards them. When I got to them, Charming eyes, completely forgot about their conversation and extended his hand (pre Covid so it was ok). He says “Hi I’m Kamau” I say “Kamal? I’m Cheri” He says “No, Kamau. Sherry?” “No, Cheri. Nice to meet you!” I still didn’t know what he said his name was, I just said ok. I had what I needed. Lol

After a few more pleasantries, I sat back down. I found the band on social media. Followed. Found Kamau on social media. Followed. By the time I got to the car he had followed back. I sent a message, just to let him know I saw. “Oh you followed back quick!” And just as quickly as he followed, he responded “When you like what you see, why wait?”

I was only in Atlanta for one evening, and drove back to Atlanta the next week. Kamau and I messaged back and forth. Christmas was a week away and I would be back home in Detroit so we planned to meet up while I was home.